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How it works.

  • Cost
    For €6 per person per visit, you can play as many games as you want AND also get a 10% discount on your game purchases. From 6 people up, you pay €4.50 per person. Children under 16 also pay only €4.50. The time duration is up to 4 hours, but if you want to stay long, please make a new reservation for the time you want to stay longer, free of charge.

    On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we charge €6 per person for occupying a table at all times. So also for playing Trading Card Games or other games not from the Game Library.
  • Reservations
    Reservations can be made up to 60 days in advance and at least 1 hour in advance (Due to crowds, we may not see your reservation in time, in which case it is better to call). You can always just stop by to see if there is still room.
  • Groups
    We accept groups of up to 10 people who can make reservations. If you are with a group larger than 10 people, please contact See also our group deals:
  • Game Library
    What is it? The hundreds of board and card games out there for you to play and test we call the Game Library. In our Library there are around 500 games and the number keeps growing.
  • Categories (Catan x factor)
    The Catan x.. categories, indicated in the Game Library, show how easy/difficult a game is to understand/explain. So we use Settlers of Catan, as a reference. Games as easy/difficult as Catan are indicated by Catan x1. Games with Catan x.1/2 are easier and Catan x2 and Catan x3 more difficult. These categories also each have their own color. The colored stickers on the boxes indicate which category the games belong to, how many players the game can be played with, the minimum age and the average playing time.

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Games House Haarlem
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