MTG Store Championship - LOTR Sealed - Haarlem


5 August 2023    
11:30 - 16:00


Bookings closed


Spellenhuis Haarlem
Kruisweg 60, Haarlem, 2011 LE

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Map Unavailable

Store Championship for Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle Earth!

4 Rounds of sealed! (5 rounds with 16+ participants)

Entry Fee:  €45,-

There will be 2 boosters (Tales of Middle Earth Draft) P.P. as prize support and every participant will recieve 4 stamps and the following promo:

  • Gifted Aetherborn

The Top 8 players will recieve the following promo:

  • Eidolon of the Great Revels
  • Winner: Saruman of many colors

Every participant wil also recieve an additional random promo.

If there a 16+ Participants and the top 8 wants to, there will be a top 8 draft. An additional 17.50 euros will be charge for the top 8 drafters.


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